Well, I guess we can say 1998 wasn't the greatest year I've seen in music. In fact,  I found difficult to make my personal top 55 of the year (in which  Sparkle & Shine from Econoline Crush and No Surprises from Radiohead are kings). No phenomenon in the sales, except for the Titanic soundtrack which success is greatly due to the success of the movie (the movie made a north american income of 488 millions $ in 1998 only, which is about 2½ times more than the second spot, Armageddon). In fact, this is for the international scene, 'cause in Quebec, we got three records who sold incredibly well: Dehors Novembre from the Colocs, the Notre-Dame de Paris soundtrack and, of course, the successor of the huge success Pigeon d'Argile,  Grand Parleur Petit Faiseur from Kevin Parent. Also, I think obvious that the 3 biggest hits in Quebec this year goes to 3 Quebeckers. See this on my top 160 of 1998. The biggest news of the year:  Geri (Ginger) Halliwell who leaved the Spice Girls and Bill Berry who left R.E.M., which is now a trio without any drummer, like The Smashing Pumpkins. We saw a couple of breakthroughs, like the rappers Manau, Fastball, Nathalie Imbruglia, All Saints, Semisonic, Marcy Playground, Eve 6, La Gamic, Creed (chosen Mainstream Rock Band of the Year by the Billboard, a well merited title because their excellent album My Own Prison have been sold for more than 2 million units in USA only this year) and the German band Rammstein, to mention only these. There have also been this incredible performance of Garth Brooks who, with it's live album, have beaten the record of best sales for a first week before that owned by Pearl Jam with Vs. Alanis Morissette and the Beastie Boys have also sold a lot of records on the first week of their '98 releases.

    Here is now the top 160 of the BIGGEST HITS OF 1998 in QUEBEC, as made by myself. After all the revisions I made, I think it's now very representative, at least a lot more than CKOI's top 50 and also more than Musique Plus - Radio Énergie 's top 50. Take that as a reference, it's my gift to you for the new year! If you think I forgot a song, submit it to me in the text field just below. To vote for the "supposed to be weekly" top Powhertz, use the second text field.


 1. My Heart Will Go On                                          Céline Dion
 2. Fréquenter l'oubli                                                 Kevin Parent
 3. Tassez-vous de d'là                                              Les Colocs
 4. Iris                                                                      Goo Goo Dolls
 5. The Boy is Mine                                                  Brandy & Monica
 6. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing                               Aerosmith
 7. Les Boys                                                             Éric Lapointe
 8. La Tribu de Dana                                                Manau
 9. Gettin' Jiggy Wit it                                               Will Smith
10. Stop                                                                   Spice Girls
11. Break Me Shake Me                                          Savage Garden
12. The Way                                                            Fastball
13. La Lune Pleure                                                   Okoumé
14. Torn                                                                   Nathalie Imbruglia
15. Uninvited                                                            Alanis Morissette
16. Belle                                                                  Garou/Daniel Lavoie/Patrick Fiori
17. Intergalactic                                                        Beastie Boys
18. You Make me Wanna...                                     Usher
19. Back to you                                                        Bryan Adams
20. Ray of Light                                                        Madonna
21. I Know Where it's at                                           All Saints
22. Maudite Jalousie                                                 Kevin Parent
23. Thank U                                                             Alanis Morissette
24. Closing Time                                                       Semisonic
25. Sweet Surrender                                                 Sarah McLachlan
26. Aime                                                                   Bruno Pelletier
27. Viva Forever                                                       Spice Girls
28. Plus Rien n'est Pareil                                            Dubmatique
29. Ghetto Supastar                                                   Pras Michel & Ol' Dirty Bastard & Mya B.O. Bulworth
30. Sex and Candy                                                    Marcy Playground
31. Everything's Gonna Be Alright                              Sweetbox
32. Le Vent a Tourné                                                Noir Silence
33. If You Could Read my Mind                               Stars on 54
34. Never Ever                                                         All Saints
35. Frozen                                                                Madonna
36. Crush                                                                  Jennifer Paige
37. Forestfire                                                            David Usher
38. Truly Madly Deeply                                            Savage Garden
39. Feels                                                                   Lili Fatale
40. Le Bruit des Origines                                           Okoumé
41. My Favorite Mistake                                          Sheryl Crow
42. Le Temps des Cathédrales                                  Bruno Pelletier
43. Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)                    Green Day
44. Together Again                                                   Janet Jackson
45. Zora Sourit                                                         Céline Dion
46. Dolly...On est comme on est                               France D'Amour
47. Brimful of Asha                                                  Cornershop
48. Solitude dans la Foule                                         Rudeluck
49. Can't Take my Eyes off of you                            Lauryn Hill
50. Go Deep                                                            Janet Jackson
51. Feel so Good                                                      Mase
52. Push it                                                                Garbage
53. Coriace                                                              Bruno Pelletier
54. History Repeating                                               Propellerheads & Miss Shirley Bassey
55. C'est d'l'amour                                                    Les Frères à Ch'val
56. Je t'aime Encore                                                  France D'Amour
57. Celebrity Skin                                                     Hole
58. Can't get Enough of you                                      Smash Mouth
59. All I Have to Give                                               Backstreet Boys
60. Save Tonight                                                       Eagle-Eye Cherry
61. Too Much                                                          Spice Girls
62. Simple Cité                                                         La Gamic
63. Adia                                                                   Sarah McLachlan
64. My Father's Eyes                                                Eric Clapton
65. Hip Hip Hurray                                                   Marie-Chantal Toupin
66. Just the Two of us                                               Will Smith
67. Je t'Oublierai, je t'Oublierai                                  Isabelle Boulay
68. The Dope Show                                                  Marilyn Manson
69. Flagpole Sitta                                                      Harvey Danger
70. Inside Out                                                           Eve 6
71. On a Day Like Today                                         Bryan Adams
72. That's the Way I Like it                                       Backstreet Boys
73. Come With me                                                    Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page
74. Perfect                                                                The Smashing Pumpkins
75. Outside                                                              George Michael
76. Heroes                                                               The Wallflowers
77. Sweetest Thing                                                   U2
78. Un été à Montréal                                               Dubmatique
79. ...Baby one More Time                                       Britney Spears
80. The Rockafeller Skank                                        Fatboy Slim
81. Weird                                                                 Hanson
82. The Power of Good-bye                                     Madonna
83. 4 am                                                                   Our Lady Peace
84. Gasoline                                                              Moist
85. I Want you Back                                                 N'Sync
86. Parler aux Anges                                                 Nancy Dumais
87. Ava Adore                                                          The Smashing Pumpkins
88. My Own Prison                                                  Creed
89. Laisse-moi Seul                                                   Éric Lapointe
90. Music Sounds Better With you                            Stardust
91. Tu ne m'aimes plus come tu m'as déjà aimé          The Philosopher Kings
92. Treat her like a Lady                                           Céline Dion
93. Gone ‘til November                                            Wyclef Jean
94. Too Close                                                           Next
95. Given to Fly                                                        Pearl Jam
96. Nice & Slow                                                      Usher
97. Donne-moi un peu de ta Peur                              Martine Mai
98. J'oublis ma Folie                                                 Bruno Pelletier
99. Hard to Make a Stand                                        Sheryl Crow
100. Zoot Suit Riot                                                  Cherry Poppin' Daddies
101. He Got Game                                                   Public Enemy
102. Hey Now Now                                                Swirl 360
103. Jesus was my Girl                                             David Usher
104. Pas d'Chilling                                                    Rainmen
105. I'll be There for you                                          The Moffatts
106. Dr. Jones                                                         Aqua
107. La Lune                                                           Isabelle Boulay
108. Marqué(e)                                                       Axelle Red
109. This is How we Party                                       S.O.A.P.
110. Missing Your Love                                          Jonny Lang
111. Gros Tas (d'Marde)                                        GrimSkunk
112. Nés Sous la même Étoile                                  IAM
113. Sang d'Encre                                                   Jean Leloup
114. Tearin' up my Heart                                         N'Sync
115. No Shelter                                                       Rage Against the Machine
116. Lucky Man                                                      The Verve
117. Because we Want to                                        Billie
118. Cruel (il fait froid, on gèle)                                Daniel Bélanger
119. Je Zappe et je Mate                                         Passi
120. I Will Buy you a new Life                                 Everclear
121. Du Hast                                                          Rammstein
122. Tears of Pearls                                                Savage Garden
123. Contrôle                                                         Squeegee
124. Touché en Plein Coeur                                    G Squad
125. Mlle A                                                            Alain Simard
126. Got the Life                                                     Korn
127. Cose Della Vito / Can't Stop Thinking of you   Eros Ramazzotti & Tina Turner
128. Chaque Jour de ta Vie                                     Roch Voisine & Richard Marx
129. Wishing I Was There                                       Nathalie Imbruglia
130. Slide                                                               Goo Goo Dolls
131. Poets                                                              The Tragically Hip
132. The First Night                                                Monica
133. Sparkle & Shine                                              Econoline Crush
134. Touch, Peel and Stand                                     Days of the New
135. J'ai Zappé                                                       Lara Fabian
136. Miroir Miroir                                                  Vilain Pingouin
137. J't'emmène au Vent                                         Louise Attaque
138. Ta Femme                                                      Yannick St-Arnaud
139. Everywhere                                                    Bran Van 3000
140. Tout Seul                                                        Les Colocs
141. Myriam                                                           Les Mauvais Quarts d'Heure
142. Father of Mine                                                Everclear
143. Jumper                                                           Third Eye Blind
144. Never There                                                   Cake
145. How's it gonna be                                           Third Eye Blind
146. I'm Ready                                                       Bryan Adams
147. The Ghost of Tom Joad                                  Rage Against the Machine
148. Sexy Boy                                                       Air
149. Flashback                                                      Térez Montcalm
150. Daysleeper                                                     R.E.M.
151. Lollipop (Candyman)                                      Aqua
152. Il Fait Chaud                                                   Passi
153. Le Temps Court                                             La Gamic
154. I Think I'm Paranoid                                       Garbage
155. Lullabye                                                         Shawn Mullins
156. I Do                                                               Lisa Loeb
157. Marche ou Crève                                           Éric Lapointe
158. Stay (Wasting Time)                                       Dave Matthews Band
159. Teardrop                                                        Massive Attack
160. No Surprises                                                  Radiohead


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