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Powhertz computers

Powhertz is a PC-lover since about the end of 1992, unfortunately finished era of the 80386s, DOS and bulletin board systems. In a more actual vision, here are his choices on the computer world's most famous duels:
Netscape or Internet Explorer? Netscape
Microsoft or the US department of justice? US DOJ
Linux or Windows NT? Linux
Intel or AMD? AMD
Laptop or Desktop? Desktop
keyboard or mouse keyboard
Gravis GamePad or Microsoft SideWinder? Gravis GamePad & GamePad Pro
vi or emacs? vi
Frames or non-frames? Depends on the case, but more non-frames
Flash or non-Flash? non-Flash
email or e-mail? e-mail

... in music

Powhertz might not have done a career in music, but he sedulously follows the music industry since 1989 and plays guitar since 1994. He's interested into rock and more specifically grunge and so-called alternative (or modern rock) in general.

The difficulty to rank its favorite bands (as of July 2001) is high, but here's an easy way to separate them:

Late (dead) band: Nirvana
Honorable mention to the Smashing Pumpkins and Led Zeppelin (very far behind however)

Active English band: Pearl Jam
Honorable mentions to the Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Our Lady Peace, etc...

French band: Les Cowboys Fringants
Honorable mentions to Jean Leloup, Groovy Aardvark, Louise Attaque, Daniel Boucher, etc..

Foreign-language band: Rammstein
Honorable mentions ???

As for a favorite album, it is very hard to say; it depends on the days, circumstances, well, many factors! However, it is fully realistic to call a winner in a category "Album that Powhertz thinks is the best": In Utero from Nirvana (1993).

The final word

Powhertz is much more than just news, it's also strong ideas that Powhertz always needs that let people know. However, comments are always welcome, so if you get some, dont be shy to use . And don't forget to talk about Powhertz to your friends, Powhertz always appreciate welcoming new visitors!

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