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[Please note that translation of this article from French to English is not completed yet, and will be completed progressively in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for your comprehension.]

    For a 20th consecutive year, the author and administrator of Powhertz has the great pleasure to offer you a chart of the songs he liked the most during the past year! It is always a moment that I'm impatiently waiting for, in the best years as in the worst ! That moment has arrived, and 2016 is a good one, with notably a very strong top 5! It is rare that I can say that I would have been cumfortable to award my #1 to the track that ends up at #5. I am eager to present you that!

After depressing introductions in 2015 (death of Scott Weiland and Lemmy Kilmister) and 2014 (death of Wayne Static), we will finally be able to get back to a happy intro in 2016!! I would not want to lack of respect for the legendary David Bowie (deceased in January 2016), Prince (April), Leonard Cohen (November) or George Michael (December), but these are not artists that I was listening to personnally, so these are not losses that really affected me. Honestly, I was much more affected by the death of actress Carrie Fisher and her mother at the end of December! So let's move on in positivism!  :)

Very exciting, 2016 marked an absolutely triumphal return of legendary Korn and Metallica, with their excellent respective albums The Serenity of Suffering and Hardwired... to Self-Destruct. They really met expectations, we could not really ask for more on that level! It is also the year where 4 major metal bands of the last 10 years, that I was respecting but to which I had never hooked on, have finally unblocked for me with their first appearances in my annual chart: Lamb of God, Meshuggah, DevilDriver and Gojira. Technically incorrect: I had granted a #86 to DevilDriver in 2013, but it was for a cover and not for an original song! Anyway, it is a great year for each of those bands, in particular Gojira whose album Magma was awarded a nomination for best rock album at the Grammy Awards (and looking at the other 4 nominees, it would be crazy that Gojira doesn't win!) and the title of Album of the year bu the Metal Hammer magazine. Their song Silvera is also nominated at the Grammys for best metal performance. It is unarguably the year of consecration for this French band!

Avatar - Feathers &
      FleshBut my greatest blow of heart of 2016, even greater that anything I just named, is definetly the album Feathers & Flesh from Swedish metal band Avatar. Released in the month of May, it conquered me like no other soild rock album (let's say, any music album except maybe those for Les Trois Accords!) did since Mezmerize of System of a Down in May 2005, exactly 11 years before! It is a concept album entirely based on a fable they wrote themselves, openly inspired by the fables of Jean de La Fontaine, based around an owl and an eagle (more exactly a Bald eagle, if we rely on the album cover's illustration). It is truly brilliant! There is such a a cohesion in this album that even the (the only!) song that I did not really like, I understand well its role in the history and I would not have wanted them to take it out from the album! The album is just perfect like that! The parallels with humans make us reflect, I am convinced that I would have even much more to discover from that album if I bought the book of their fable! Over the past years, Avatar has been making good songs, based on good (excellent) guitar riffs. This time, they did not just make good songs, they successfully made a great ALBUM, a complex work of art with a very high artistic value. To give you an idea of how much this album is special, it was produced by Sylvia Massy, who declared that "this album is the project she's been dreaming about for years!". And that's someone who has seen many more, since she also produced the Undertow and Opiate albums from Tool, the eponymous from System of a Down, Love Rollercoaster from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the eponymous from Sublime, Cereal Killer from Green Jellÿ, Tonight the Stars Revolt! from Powerman 5000, The Devil You Know from Econoline Crush, and much more! In honor to this great album, the colors of the text and background of the current Web page are calked on those of the album.

Now, here is my chart! As usual, a YouTube playlist is available, but I recommend you to read the article the first time before starting to use that playlist. And like every year, I remind you that this exercise aims to track the radio singles that I liked the most during the year, and not necessarly those I believe to be the best, nor even necessarly those that I prefer at the exact moment.

guitareWeak presence of electric guitar
guitareguitareSlightly loud, but acceptable for a vast majority of listeners guitareguitareguitare A true heavyweight, sensible ears keep away!

House of Eternal Hunt
The best track from the best album! The question was not even to know whether it was my favorite song of the year; the sole question was to determine if yes or no it is an official single from the album, therefore determining its eligibility for this chart! That question was not clear at all. Satellite radio Sirius XM (Octane and Liquid Metal stations) played it like a single, but we cannot rely solely on that, because satellite radio is often cheating on this. There has been a music video, but a video that only shows paintings, and most of the songs from the album had such a video on YouTube anwyay! However, it is the first such video that they released, and it was clearly aiming to build interest for the album just before its release. Another point in its favor: online music service Napster has long listed it as a first single of the album, with an illustration that was exclusive to the song. Combining all of these factors, I chose to make it elligible, and that was deceiding my #1 of the year at the same time! An absolutely memorable performance, even if I would have liked a bit more shadings in Johannes' singing. The play of the two guitars is a wonderful team work, and drumming is stirring as hell!

In 20 years of my annual chart, it is the first time that an artist manages to grab my #1 two years in a row. Avatar also becomes only the third band to get my #1 twice (non consecutive) after Alice in Chains (2009 and 2013) and Slipknot (2008 and 2014). And still, I think that Avatar is more deserving than these two bands, because it has become clear to me today that my #1 to AIC in 2013 was a mistake, and I think that Psychosocial from Slipknot and The Day That Never Comes from Metallica should have been swapped in 2008, while I am confident of my picks for Avatar this year and last year. Congratulations, CONGRATULATIONS to Avatar, a clearly underestimated band!

Rotting in Vain
What a comeback for Korn! After two experimental albums, they are back to what they master best: their unique sound of the Issues (1999) and Untouchables (2002) albums. It is an absolute success! The introduction is giving me chills, but not as much as the moment where the "machine" gets on! The part before the last chorus is also delirious, with a Jonathan Davis (the singer) at his best and electronic effects that are just rightly placed, showing that they learned from their experiments of the past few years while still respecting their own style. A very good second place for this band, who was close to get a second #1 in my annual charts (after Here to Stay in 2002).

For the Swarm
The song that I listened the most often in 2016! Actually, with a length under 2 minutes, I often listened to it two consecutive times in loop, which I normally never do! That length is actually a negative point; they don't have enough time to develop much. That makes it a track that is even better within the album than individually. I almost ranked it 4th because of that, but I finally chose to place it ahead of the next song, because I listened to it much more often. Its guitars are pleasurable and the whole track is a burst of intensity that recalls System of a Down (while remaining faithful to Avatar's sound).

WOW! What a comeback for the masters of metal! So intense, it's crazy! Now, no one for sure will complain that "Metallica is no longer what it used to be"; at the age of 53, they layed one of the fastest and most intense tracks of their whole career!! It goes back a lot to the style of the albums Ride the Lightning (1984) and Master of Puppets (1986), and I would say more precisely that it reminds me of the legendary opening track of Master of Puppets, Battery. And that's its problem; I inevitably compare Hardwired to Battery, and it is clear to me that Battery was even better, with notably a much better introduction. The only other point that somewhat harms it a bit, is that guitars suddenly take a little break during the choruses. I nonetheless loved Hardwired and I would not have been shy to name it the track of the year if the competition had not been so tough this year!

The Eagle Has Landed
Yes, Avatar again! Another good song from that brilliant album, and probably one of the most accessible for the masses, with its melodious chorus sung entirely with clean vocals. Good intro and great finale. And the video is an absolute must-see, their career best and one of the best of the year.

Square Hammer
So not metal, but so catchy and groovy! I recommend it to anyone who loves rock! Big sequence fot the Swedish band, which went close to tie its #5 of last year (Cirice). By the way, speaking Swedish, you'll notice that Sweden occupies 4 of the first 6 positions in my annual chart this year!  ;)

The Stage
Avenged Sevenfold
Clearly better than my #6. The big difference is that it was more difficult to hook on The Stage than Square Hammer. Much more complex, I took a lot of time to master it, which is a little disadvantage here. Possibly the most accomplished track of the legendary American metalcore band, a development track that aims to be much more than a simple "verse-chorus-verse", a little masterpiece of nearly 8:30. A superb surprise in this year end! Yes, because the band had extremely well hidden that song & album release! One day, without any warning, BOOM! The track The Stage was on YouTube and almost instantly surpassing the million views!

Grammy-nominated for best metal performance of the year, and it's well deserved! The French band has hit very hard with this track that might seem very simple to the ears of a neophyte, but sounds sooo well to the ears of a musician! A remarkably elaborated sound, and intelligent lyrics that culminate with the "when you change yourself, you change the world!". Fantastic!

Dead and Gone
A very nice single that somewhat passed under the radar for a reason that I did not understand. Enormously more interesting than the big hit Until the World Goes Cold of last year, at any level. An extremely melodious chorus and solid music that fits perfectly well.

Moth Into Flame
Big second single for the new Metallica album! A very well-built track, pretty catchy. A nice song that's resolutely metal, but that I still wouldn't be ashamed to have my mother listen to it! For those who would not have liked Hardwired, definitely try Moth Into Flame anyway, a more accessible song.

A major breakthrough for this metal band that I've known for several years but to which I never hooked on. Their other single of 2016, Trust no One, left me practically indifferent, but I loved so much Daybreak! It's hard for me to say why this particular one is that high above any other, but it's the beauty of the current exercise; I do not have to justify, these are my own favorites and not those I believe to be the best!  ;)  "Full guns BLAZING!!!"

The Fool
Fleshgod Apocalypse
My favorite to date from the Italian extreme metal band, which cumulates appearances in my annual chart since 2013. Very brutal and very melodious at the same time. Yes, with them, both can combine!

Mess Around
Cage the Elephant
Very nice rebounding for the American band, which my disappointing my so much in the past few years. Not complicated, but catchy and very stirring!

J'aime les Oiseaux
Yann Perreau
Surprisingly, the 1st #1 in the career of the veteran Quebecker singer. But what a #1! Very different from that he's used to do, but super original, refreshing, very groovy and very catchy! A truly unique song! According to me, the French-language song of the year!

St-Bruno (Nuit de la Poésie III)
Les Trois Accords
en français
I was happy that they choose it as a new single from the album Joie d'être Gai, released near the end of 2015. I've always found that it was clearly the most catchy song of the album (but also one of the less funny), while managing to keep a very good musical link with the other Nuit de la Poésie songs from the previous albums. I thought almost all year long that it would be my French-language #1 of 2016, but I got to the evidence that I almost never listened to it in the 2nd half of the year, unlike J'aime les Oiseaux that I continued to listen to occasionally.

It depends a little too much on the little sound effect that we start hearing at 0:07 and that follows us until the end. I think that this track would be really handicapped without that small detail somewhat artificial, but I think that it would still remain a catchy track that should be in the annual top 25 of any metal fan.

Atlas, Rise!
Out of the three radio singles released in 2016 for the Hardwired... to Self-Destruct album, it was clear to me that Atlas, Rise! was the one I liked the less. And even when liking it "less", it is still very easily a top 20 case!! Very good!

Seal the Deal
I by far preferred that 2nd single to the 1st one, The Devil's Bleeding Crown, even though the latter has had a lot more commercial success. "Let's get groovy"!

A Different World
Korn feat. Corey Taylor
Very nice collaboration from Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour, etc., etc.!), and a main riff that's all in "bend", somewhat recalling some of the works from Alice in Chains 2.0 (their last two albums). My 2nd favorite from The Serenity of Suffering, although far behind Rotting in Vain.

Take it All
Pop Evil
Very good guitar riff for the American band! I did not hook as much as on Footsteps (2015) or Trenches (2013), but that remains nonetheless a very satisfying single. "This time there's a price to pay, say Hey Oh Hey!"

Holy White Hounds
An absolutely unboring alternative rock, as too few gets done nowadays! Dynamic, rocking just enough, with a nice melody, particularly at the bass that I find catchy.

Stressed Out
Our Last Night
Hardcore cover of Twenty One Pilots' huge hit. I do not think that the original version was a bad song, but it was way too rap and too monotonous for me! This cover, even if it is no genious, has rendered this song more accessible for me, and I listened to it often in the beginning of the year (but almost never in the last two thirds of the year).

Very heavy track thanks to the extremely low sound uttered by Korn guitarists' famous special 7-string guitars. Embellished by a sound effect that singer Jonathan Davis calls a Woody Woodpecker sound that, to his own surprise, works amazingly well in a metal track!

Fleshgod Apocalypse
Speaking of loudness, here's another very heavy track that yet manages to show some melody and to often make its way in my head.

Twelve Foot Ninja
Clearly not as good as One Hand Killing, which I ranked ridiculously too low in my 2015 chart because it was released in November and I started listen to it more seriously only in January. I catch on this year with Invincible, which is much more accurately ranked! It is still in their truly unique sound, a little chaotic where softer and heavier parts succeed.

Take Me
Believe it or not, all 4 singles from the album The Serenity of Suffering are in my top 26 songs of the year! What a comeback for Korn! Take Me is definitely the most relax of the four, but that absolutely doesn't take anything from it! The intro is good, verses are very groovy, the choruses are nice and catchy, and the segment of the "away, away" between 2:23 and 2:32 is not only catchy but I would dare saying enchanting! Good lyrics too, that Jonathan David wrote while thinking at its dependency to alcohol, but that could apply to any kind of dependency. Those are lyrics that will reach a very large public.

The Duke
Lamb of God
Change of sound as surprising as unlikely for the veterans of extreme metal Lamb of God. As far as I'm concerned, this major shift is very positive! I had never hooked on any Lamb of God song in my whole existence, and here I come loving The Duke! That's more in my palate of taste, musically and vocally. It is also an emotional songs about a fan who became a friend of the band, and died of leukemia at age 33. It is him, Wayne Ford, that Lamb of God has nicknamed "The Duke". The band has also published the full history behind that song on its Web site. The following excerpt from the lyrics has given me chills: "My body begins to fail as my spirit grows stronger.". It's beautiful, no? I think that this is very intelligent and mature metal.

Black Honey
I INSTANTLY loved the introduction riff that follows us all the way down the track, but I found that it might have a little bit lacked of content after that. Nonetheless one of the good alternative rock hits of the year.

She Sees Everything
The new band VIMIC is essentially Scar the Martyr (band of legendary drummer Joey Jordison, formerly from Slipknot) with a new singer. I preferred Scar the Martyr, but VIMIC remains fairly in the same genre and I appreciated it, especially the second single She Sees Everything.

Louder than the DJ
Billy Talent
It's stirring, I love the chorus, and it is a rock hymn with those lyrics that interpellate me! Just one sad point: this is one of the first recordings of the band without its original drummer, struck by multiple sclerosis.

Bad Reputation
Adelitas Way
I am not necessarly proud of liking that, but I like that! :-)  A rock that's pretty simple, but efficient. Note that there is unfortunately no official music video for this song on YouTube. A fan had posted a video with the lyrics, but it was pulled from YouTube, and all that remains is the amateur video below, based on images from the Iron Man movie.

Cold as Perfection
Fleshgod Apocalypse
Less catchy than the first two singles, but it is still some high quality. What the femal voices bring in is a major and very positive asset. Absolutely disturbing video (you have been warned!).

Rouge Pompier
en français
Interesting Quebecker duo that came in with its second record, but that I discovered only this year with the single Autobus. Musically, it essentially is pretty simple punk rock, but with a nice personality, a very catchy melody, and unpredictable lyrics that pleasantly surprise. On this subject (the lyrics), I won't hide that I needed to read the lyrics in order to understand the chorus! The Jessy Fuchs (who I didn't know) that the chorus is referring to is actually the name of one of the two members of the band, and one of the founding members of legendary Quebecker band eXterio, who parted ways over 5 years ago. Note that it is also worthy to look at the rougepompier.com, which is really funny! For instance, the band defined itself as the duo of a guy who has a photo with Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, etc.) and another one who have already spoken to Pat Smear (The Germs, Nirvana, Foo Fighters)! :D

A Day to Remember
What a hit for the American band! I was close to be influenced by its success and rank it at #30 in the current chart, but I changed my mind because I think that I, personally, liked even more the previous three songs throughout the year. It remains a very close chart! It is both metalcore and a rock accessible to most people, a well-done mix.

Remember we Die
Gemini Syndrome
Appearance in my annual chart for a third straight year for this Californian band. Here, it is the lyrics that weigh the most in the note. Musically, it's in their style that we know, without surprise.

Rogue Fossil
Excellent track by a very little know Norway-based band, who would deserve so much more attention. It somewhat reminds me of certain alternative rock bands like Interpol, but in more surprising, more exciting.

Feel Invincible
Mixed feelings! I always felt that it was a pop song disguised as a rock track, rather than pure rock. The pop melody, the lyrics that seem programmed by a marketing team, and most importantly, the terrible abuse of "autotune" by John Cooper and his chorister, are all clues of this general impression. The future seem to have recognized me right, because pure rock with 26 million views on YouTube, it doesn't happen anymore nowadays!! Nonetheless, it is still catchy and I often had it stuck in my head in 2016, may I be proud of it or not!

Falling Apart
Papa Roach
Very good song by Papa Roach, amongst their best in this decade.

Open Your Eyes
A loud track that compensate for their cover of The Sound of Silence, which was a shame to me!

Sleeping Dogs
Zakk Wylde feat. Corey Taylor
Good little catchy rock ballad by Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) in solo, with the precious vocal contribution of Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour, etc.). That guy (Corey) is unbelievable! Even in a year in which none of his two bands has been active, he manages to make its way not only once, but twice in my top 40 of the year (the other one being at #19 for its contribution with Korn)!!! He appears in my annual chart for a 5th year in a row and a 11th year total (1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). This is very impressive!

Hitchcock Blonde
Dani Filth (from Cradle of Filth) succeeds just as well in another band, Devilment! I really like that, and what a bewitching voice has his colleague Lauren Francis!

Not only this legend of the '90s still makes music, it still makes very good music!

The best from this great Swedish metal band? For sure, this is a little masterpiece of very complex development track of over 7 minutes, elected 5th best metal song of the year by Loudwire.

Panic! at the Disco
A little pop rock, maybe even a bit adolescent, but I still appreciated it and listened to it often in the first half of the year. Note: released in November 2015, but I personnally heard it for the first time in March.

Good track for Mark Tremonti, although this wasn't very catchy for a radio single.

The Life and Times of a Teenage Rock God
Rob Zombie
My favorite of the many singles released this year to support the album The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser. I find that Rob Zombie's voice is at its best, and the arrangements (the Tam Tams, the 2 guitars, the electric guitar solo that sounds latino, etc.) clearly distinguishes it from the others.

By the Blood
Drowning Pool
I find that a little bit "dumbass hard rock", but in all honesty, it entertains me well! Note that I do it a little favor, because technically it seems to be released in November 2015, but I noted it only in early 2016.

Show me a Leader
Alter Bridge
I remain not a big fan of Myles Kennedy as a singer, but it's a good rock track, matching expectations for Alter Bridge.

The Devil's Bleeding Crown
I was very disappointed of this first single of Volbeat's new album, a pure self-plagiarism, so much at in the first weeks, I was mistaking it for old songs of the band!! Now that the deception is passed, this is not bad, just average, and that is still enough to clinch a spot in my top 50.

Bernard Adamus
The lyrics are very hard to follow, deliberately it seems, but it's a very good song, moving with a very nice "dirty" sound despite the the dominating instruments (piano, brass, cello) that we don't particularly associate to "dirty" music. It has to be special to be selected as the new theme for weekly T.V. show Deux Hommes en Or (broadcasted on Télé Québec), replacing the original theme by Xavier Caféine.

She Wolf
Another band visibly inspired by Nightwish, which will not be as deep as the latter, but whose product still sounds very well. They are very young too, this will be a band to watch.

Love's Gone to Hell
Unbelievable but true, a 17th album for the German fifties, nicknamed The Queen of Heavy Metal! Touching, perhaps disturbing song. Well at least, if the song is not "disturbing" enough for you, the music video will be! A shocking story à la Romeo & Juliet! And a 2nd video in the current chart (after Cold as Perfection from Fleshgod Apocalypse) that ends by a suicide in a bath!! It's really fashion this year, especially that T.V. series Série Noire 2 also had the same!

J'épile ton nom
Les Trois Accords
en français
Fourth (and probably last) radio single from album Joie d'être Gai. A good choice!

Generation Idiot
Good guitar, and most importantly such a relevant song, aiming to make us think.

Plata O Plomo
A first in 20 years of Powhertz' personal chart: a song sung entirely in Spanish! A brutal metal track for a brutal subject. I warn you: do not click on the below link if you have a sensitive heart! The video is completely disturbing, based on some of the most disturbing images of the Mexican and South American organized crime.

The Wilde Flowers
Lorsqu'un collègue de travail m'a demandé si je connaissais Opeth, j'ai répondu oui, en pensant plutôt à Otep ! Non, il parlait bien de Opeth, encore un autre bon groupe suédois, que je ne connaissais pas. Sans dire que je suis complètement tombé en amour avec Opeth, The Wilde Flowers a été une découverte très positive. Merci Arash ! Ton nom figure désormais dans un décompte Powhertz !  :-)

Night Never Ending
Je ne l'aimais même pas vraiment au début, mais je respectais bien son rôle dans la fable de l'album. Elle a gagné encore plus de respect de ma part lorsque j'ai entendu le groupe dire, en entrevue, que c'était la pièce la plus difficile à jouer de leur album. Alors je l'ai écoutée encore, encore et encore jusqu'à ce que je l'aime (tout de même beaucoup moins que les 3 premiers extraits et la plupart des autres pièces de l'album !) !!! Côté paroles, j'aime beaucoup le "the weapons we bring are our souls", autant que je n'aime pas les "Ho, ho ho ho ho ho".

Simple Skeletons
J'ai préféré She Sees Everything, mais ce premier extrait était pas mal non plus.

Les Flamants Roses
Jean Leloup
en français
Assez touchant, même si je commence à être un peu lassé de ses chansons d'animaux ! J'ai adoré L'Escargot et Fourmis, mais ensuite il y a eu Les Papillons, Le Grand Héron, et voilà maintenant Les Flamants Roses, dans un lien plus ou moins pertinent avec l'histoire. On commence à étirer un peu le concept !

Brotherhood of the Snake
Les vieux routiers du thrash métal n'ont vraiment rien perdu de leur fougue ! Quel fort premier extrait pour leur nouvel album du même nom !

Alive Inside
Gemini Syndrome
Le son lourd surprend un peu de la part de Gemini Syndrome, définitivement plus que Remember we Die, mais Alive Inside est, en contrepartie, beaucoup moins accrocheur, au point où cela m'a pris des mois pour associer un air à ce titre de chanson !

The Hideous Exhibitions of a Dedicated Gore Whore
Rob Zombie
Un rock & roll accrocheur, mené en grande partie par les claviers au son assez "pop", tout en demeurant bien assez viril pour moi !

Army of Chaos
Un autre projet de Joey Jordison ! Avec deux Français (dont Frédéric Leclercq de Dragonforce), il compte parmi les fondateurs de ce nouveau groupe death métal, qui inclut également des membres de Chimaira et Mayhem. Pas particulièrement inteligent, mais très divertissant !

Making my Amends
Je ne comprends pas que ce nouveau groupe n'aie reçu aucune couverture médiatique et que ce très bon morceau métal n'aie que 18 000 visionnements sur YouTube ! C'est pourtant très bon et entraînant, et en plus, c'est un supergroupe réunissant des membres de In This Moment, Five Finger Death Punch et Skinlab ! Comment est-ce que ceci a autant pu passer inaperçu ? En tout cas, Powhertz, lui, l'a remarquée !

Ready for War (Pray for Peace)
Adelitas Way
Sortie trop tard dans l'année, mais je l'ai aimée dès la première écoute.

Fuck Toute
en français
Brutal extrait de l'album éponyme du nouveau groupe québécois Fuck Toute, parfois épellé Phoque Toute. Étrangement, je les ai découvert grâce à leur apparition à l'émission Le Mike Ward Show au canal Télétoon, qui n'a rien à voir avec la musique ! Ils se présentaient d'ailleurs sous le nom plus poli Phoque Toute à ce moment; c'est seulement en faisant des recherches sur Internet que j'ai découvert leur "vrai" nom. Notez que je n'ai pas inclut cette pièce dans la liste de lecture YouTube, parce qu'il n'existe aucune vidéo de seulement Millionnaire; il n'existe qu'une vidéo avec l'album au complet, que je peux démarrer à un certain temps (dans ce cas-ci, 8:45), mais pas l'arrêter lorsqu'on atteint un autre point (10:35). Vous avez toutefois la possibilité de l'écouter avec le lien YouTube ci-dessous, mais il sera de votre responsabilité de l'arrêter à 10:35 si vous ne voulez pas écouter le reste de l'album !

Prophets of Rage
Prophets of Rage
Ni plus ni moins, les musiciens de Rage Against the Machine qui font de la musique (trop) typique de Rage Against the Machine, avec des chanteurs de Public Enemy et Cypress Hill à la place de Zack de la Rocha. Extrêmement prévisible, mais ce n'est pas inintéressant non plus d'entendre B-Real de Cypress Hill sur la musique de Rage. J'aimerais toutefois beaucoup mieux s'il était seul à chanter, parce que je n'apprécie pas l'autre chanteur (de Public Enemy) !

Low Lands
Lent départ, mais le morceau progresse bien et culmine de façon très intéressante, qui nous laisse un drôle d'effet quand la pièce prend fin !

House of Chains
Apocalyptica feat. Franky Perez
Pas une grande chanson et je ne suis pas convaincu du chanteur, mais comme toujours avec Apocalyptica, les violoncelles leur donnent un son unique qu'on ne laisse jamais indifférent.

Door to Door Cannibals
Superbe son dès les premières notes de la pièce, mais il manque peut-être un peu de contenu par la suite. Je l'ai quand même préférée au premier extrait de l'album, Joyride, que vous retrouverez sous peu dans ce décompte.

Motionless in White
Refrains étonnamment mélodieux au coeur de ce chaos !

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
J'étais très excité d'apprendre l'existence d'un nouveau groupe mettant en vedette Brent Hinds (Mastodon) et William DuVall (Alice in Chains). Je m'attendais à encore mieux de ce supergroupe (comprenant également des membres de Dillinger Escape Plan, The Mars Volta et Dethklok), mais Crucifixion m'a tout de même satisfait.

Red Fang
Bon morceau de Red Fang, que j'ai presque autant aimé que Blood Like Cream (que j'ai découverte cette année, mais qui datait en fait de décembre 2013). J'ai eu beaucoup de difficulté à retenir l'air de la chanson, mais je l'ai toujours beaucoup appréciée en l'écoutant. Ça fait toutefois une chanson que je n'avais jamais en tête. C'est aussi un autre bon vidéoclip ! Super mellow week-end ! :D

Twelve Foot Ninja
Nettement inférieure à Invincible, mais tout ce que touche ce groupe australien est bon ! J'aime la séquence de paroles : "Are you sick of being tired? Are you tired of being sick?". Et quel vidéoclip ! Leur meilleur, et possiblement le meilleur de l'année ! Vous vous devez de le voir !

Get Your Boots On! That's the End of Rock and Roll!
Rob Zombie
Expéditive ! Il est quasiment plus long de lire le titre que d'écouter la chanson !  :D  C'est correct, Rob n'étire pas la sauce inutilement.

Bang Bang
Green Day
À la fois une copie de Breed de Nirvana (de l'album Nevermind en 1991) et de Green Day eux-mêmes ! Le groupe américain commence à étirer un peu la sauce, mais ça demeure quand même très entraînant !

I'm Invisible
Surgical Meth Machine
Tellement "space" !! Ce nouveau projet du leader de Ministry semble sortir tout droit d'un "buzz" de drogue ! Je l'ai rarement écoutée jusqu'au bout (dépendamment de mon humeur, mais c'était trop "légume" pour moi la plupart du temps !), mais c'était quand même marquant. Il y a des pièces cette année dont j'avais encore du mal à retenir l'air après plusieurs écoutes, mais celle-ci, tellement unique, m'a marqué dès la première écoute !

Joyride (Omen)
J'ai été très déçu par ce premier extrait du nouvel album de Chevelle, une grosse coche en-dessous du premier extrait de chacun de ses trois albums précédents (Take out the Gunman, Face to the Floor, Jars). Ça m'a pris quasiment toute l'année pour me remettre de cette déception, mais au bout du compte, c'est quand même un Chevelle légitime, pas ennuyeux même si les refrains manquent clairement d'inspiration.

Falling While Rising
Beaucoup de longueurs, aurait pu être facilement améliorée en la réduisant sous la barre des 5 minutes. N'empêche que les bouts intenses, comme celui qui démarre à 1:06, valent bien le coup d'écouter cette chanson "trop longue" !

Les Dales Hawerchuk
en français
Bon retour pour les Dales Hawerchuk, mais quel déception de ne pas la retrouver sur YouTube ! Je l'ai écoutée seulement 2 fois dans l'année, uniquement parce qu'elle n'était pas disponible sur la même plateforme que le reste (YouTube). Voci des liens pour l'écouter gratuitement sur Bandcamp et Spotify.

No Good
Petite pièce de rock "à grand public", facilement accessible à tous. Pas mon style préféré, mais je l'apprécie comme une bonne pièce en son genre, avec une bonne guitare. Note intéressante : je me serais attendu à ce que ce soit un groupe d'Angleterre, mais non, ils viennent d'Islande !! Ça, c'est rare dans le rock !

Blood Moon
Giraffe Togue Orchestra
Très pop pour des gars comme Brent Hinds et William DuVall, assez surprenant, mais c'est quand même bon. Le vidéoclip terrorisant vaut la peine d'être vu !

Besoin d'air
en français
Davantage pour les paroles que pour la musique, sans vouloir dire que la musique est mauvaise !

Never Change
Première chanson d'un nouveau groupe anglais. Un bon mélange bien balancé de rock solide et mélodieux, avec un refrain presque pop.

FC Lahti
Je me fous pas mal de leur équipe de soccer/football, mais la musique correspond très bien à leur style que j'aime.

Il y a Tant à Faire
Daniel Bélanger
Cette légende de la musique québécoise rate rarement son coup ! Il y a Tant à Faire est une autre très belle chanson.

The Shooting Star
Une 4e entrée dans ce décompte pour le brillant album Magma de Gojira ! The Shooting Star l'extrait que j'ai le moins aimé parmi les quatre, mais l'album ne s'essoufle pas pour autant car au moment d'écrire ces lignes, le #2 de la semaine à la station Liquid Metal de la radio satellite Sirius XM est Only Pain, une autre pièce que j'adore, mais non éligible ici car elle n'est pas un extrait officiel de l'album pour l'instant.

Black Blood
Car Bomb
Parmi ce que j'ai entendu de plus brutal cette année ! Pas mélodieux du tout, mais bien divertissant !

Oh No
Goodbye June
Un rock avec une très belle énergie. Elle est désavantagée par sa sortie tardive, faisant en sorte que je l'ai probablement écoutée seulement 2 fois en 2016. Note à ce sujet : ne vous fiez pas à la date de parution sur YouTube (juillet). La pièce a fait son entrée sur les palmarès du Billboard à la mi-novembre seulement, et je ne l'ai sûrement pas entendue avant décembre.

Holy White Hounds
Deuxième extrait clairement moins bon que le premier, mais je le crois quand même désavantagé lui aussi par sa sortie tardive (1er décembre, mais je ne l'ai pas personnellement entendue avant les tout derniers jours de décembre); cette chanson aurait sûrement pu se classer plus haut.

Cut me Loose
Killswitch Engage


Tout à fait dans le même genre que Clockworks (mon #43), mais en moins bon !

Medication for the Melancholy
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie rejoint Avatar, Korn et Gojira avec 4 morceaux dans mon décompte ! C'est dire qu'à eux seuls, ces 4 artistes occupent plus de 17% de mes 93 favoris de l'année ! Medication n'est pas ma meilleure, mais elle mérite quand même pleinement sa place ici. Assez surprenant de voir Rob (qui donne habituellement dans le théatral macabre) passer en mode joyeux !

Shaping a Single Grain of Sand
Je n'arrive pas à voir cela comme de la grande qualité, mais c'est sûr que ça déménage ! Quand même un bon mélange de lourdeur quasi-extrême et de refrains chantés de manière mélodieuse.

Black Black Heart
David Usher feat. Marie-Mai
en français
Jolie reprise en français (à plus de 90%...) de son propre succès de 2001, qui s'était d'ailleurs classé au #28 du décompte personnel de Powhertz cette année-là, sise entre les classiques du rock Down With the Sickness et Toxicity ! Très belle chanson, désavantagée ici parce que c'est à peu près la même pièce qu'en 2001, mais pour ceux qui n'ont pas connu l'originale, je pourrais vous recommander cette nouvelle mouture qui est amplement aussi bonne. Il semble se dessiner une belle chimie entre David Usher (légende du rock canadien, notamment pour son travail dans Moist) et Marie-Mai, une des chanteuses québécoises les plus populaires de son époque.

The Madness
Art of Anarchy
On ne peut pas dire que la transition de Scott Weiland (décédé l'an dernier) à Scott Stapp (célèbre chanteur de Creed) fut un franc succès, du moins j'ai BEAUCOUP mieux aimé leur pièce Time Every Time de 2016, mais ils parviennent quand même à se tailler une place dans mon décompte annuel avec un morceau tout à fait honnête de rock / hard rock traditionnel.

In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High
Rob Zombie
Et une 5e pour Rob Zombie dans ce top 100 ! Le seul extrait de l'album The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser qui ne s'y retrouvera pas est Well, Everybody's Fucking in a U.F.O., que je n'ai carrément pas aimée. Get, get. get, get HIGH !

Burn the Witch
Retour du légendaire groupe britannique dans mon décompte annuel après 13 années d'absence ! En effet, leur dernière apparition ici datait de 2003 avec There There ! Vraiment pas rock, mais ça fait longtemps que Radiohead n'est plus rock, il faut en faire son deuil !

Heart is Cold
The Damn Truth
Nouvelle chanson d'un bon petit groupe rock de Montréal, The Damn Truth.

The Sickness
Honnêtement, on tombe ici sur ma liste de réserve, les chansons que je garde en note "au cas où", qui ne se retrouveront pas nécessairement dans mon décompte. Mais je ne pouvais quand même pas faire un top 99, n'est-ce pas ?  :-)  The Sickness est celle que je choisis sur ma "liste de réserve" pour compléter ce top 100. Je l'ai écoutée à quelques reprises en début d'année, et c'est un métalcore honnête, bien que peut-être un peu trop "emo". Et, il s'agit encore d'un groupe suédois !

Également considérés :
Sentient et Starlight, de Gone is Gone. Je voulais vraiment aimer ce nouveau supergroupe (réunissant des membres de Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age et At the Drive-In !), mais je n'en ai pas vraiment été capable.

Non considéré :
Spit out the Bone, de Metallica. Je crois que c'est carrément la meilleure du nouvel album Hardwired... to Self-Destruct, elle a atteint le #1 de la station Liquid Metal de la radio satellite Sirius XM, le groupe a même sorti un vidéoclip sur YouTube, mais le groupe ne la considère pas comme un extrait de l'album, les 3 seuls extraits officiels demeurant Hardwired, Moth Into Flame et Atlas, Rise!. Dommage, parce que c'eût été un top 10 facile ! Qui sait, peut-être deviendra-elle un extrait officiel de l'album en 2017...

Le coin des regrets

Cette année, une seule chanson que j'ai découverte au cours de l'année et qui n'est pas admissible parce qu'elle était bien avant le début de l'année : Blood Like Cream de Red Fang [déc. 2013]. Très bonne pièce de rock, appuyée d'un super vidéoclip ! Vous devez absolument voir ce clip !  :-)

Le Top Poche !

Parce qu'il y a encore plus de mauvaises chansons que de bonnes, voici le toujours très attendu Top Poche, réservé aux pires médiocrités de l'année ! Mais là, je vous avertis, je n'écoute aucune radio pop, donc il est très difficile pour moi de vous faire un bon Top Poche bien représentatif ! Je vais quand même y aller au meilleur de mes connaissances !

1. [Fergie] M.I.L.F. $

Vidéoclip... captivant, mais quelle chanson absolument ridicule !!! Ce n'est pas de la musique que Fergie vend ici, c'est du sexe !!!

2. [3Oh!3] My Dick

Solide compétition pour le #1 ! Chanson épouvantable à propos d'un gros pénis !

3. [Little Big] Hateful Love

Simplement incapable de l'endurer !

4. [Bring me the Horizon] Oh No

Oh combien décevant de la part du groupe anglais ! Une chanson tellement ennuyeuse qu'on n'y reconnaît même plus le groupe qui nous a offert des performances solides par le passé, comme Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake ou Throne.

5. [Andy Black] We Don't Have to Dance

Le chanteur du groupe métal Black Veil Brides s'essaie dans une carrière solo pop rock dont la mise en marché est clairement basée sur la bouille du mec que sur son contenu ! Et ça fonctionne ! La vidéo sur YouTube a été vue plus de 23 millions de fois, avec d'innombrables commentaires de jeunes filles qui tombent en amour avec le gars (et non l'artiste).

Autres grandes déceptions :

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