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in 2014

It's with an ever-renewed pleasure that the author and administrator of Powhertz makes the list of the songs he liked the most during the past year, for an 18th straight year. As every year, I remind my readers that the elligible songs are the official singles released throughout the year, and that this chart doesn't aim to portray the songs Powhertz thinks are the best nor even necessarly those he prefers now, but rather those he liked the most during the year.

But before I start, I feel the need for justice to be made. In March, the metal world was shocked by the death of David Brockie, singer of band Gwar since its foundation in 1982. Although social media were flooded by tributes to this man and his prominent Oderus Urungus character, traditional medias did not seem to have a single word on it. Although the cause of his death seemed like a mystery at first, it was established later that it was an overdose of heroin, that devastating drug that also took away Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols), Bradley Nowell (Sublime) and many other artists. R.I.P. to this Canadian who, at 50 years old, leaved this world too early.

But in all honesty, Powhertz did not know David Brockie before he died, and did not know very well Gwar's body of work. This death, although sad, was therefore not a big shock to me. The loss that really shocked me, probably more than any artist's since the tragic assassination of Dimebag Darrell in 2004, has happened on November 1st but took me at least one month to discover as the medias shamelessly ignored it so badly! At the age of only 48, Wayne Static, the undisputed leader (singer, guitarist, keyboardist, author, composer) of band Static-X, has passed away during his sleep. In his case, drugs would not be in cause. It might be linked to health issues he's had in the past 2 years, but the family doesn't have more details to give on the subject for the moment. Wayne Static was one of the most characteristic faces of rock, with his unbelievable hair that defy gravity, and his long beard dressed as a ponytail. Apart from his unique look, he was the main engine behind album Wisconsin Death Trip (1999), certainly amongst the 20 albums that marked me the most in my life. Neither the album nor its singles have ever climbed very high in the charts, but they built a good credibility over the years. The album went platinum (1 million copies sold in the U.S.A.) two years after its release, and its first single, Push It, slowly became a classic of industrial metal. Powhertz liked this album so much that he eventually also purchased 3 (Machine, Beneath... Between... Beyond..., Start a War) of the 6 CDs that followed. Static-X is really part of my music library, and even though the band had announced its separation in 2013, the early departure of Wayne seems to have left a hole. Honor to him and shame to the medias that made excessively bad work in covering this sad event. As a little tribute, Powhertz proposes to you this YouTube playlist with some of the best music videos in Static-X' career.

Wayne Static

Wayne Static
Crédit photo : Brondra, Wikipedia

We are now reaching the moment you were waiting for! As ever, I recommend you to first and foremost consult the article before skipping to the Grooveshark and YouTube playlists. Speaking of playlists, I recommend you more that ever the YouTube playlist, since many songs on the chart are not available on Grooveshark, including the #3, which is kind of a problem!...

guitareWeak presence of electric guitar(s)
guitareguitareSomewhat heavy, but should be okay for a large majority of listeners guitareguitareguitare A true heavyweight, sensible ears keep away!

1 The Negative One guitareguitareguitare Slipknot
Ouch! My first reaction was : "... Are you OK, guys ?". It's the first song the band releases since the death of their bassist Paul Gray (1972-2010) they loved so much, and it looks so dark, so tormented, as if they never really went through this! I was also finding that they were getting back to a sound closer to the first 2 albums', a sound I was finding less mature. And although the drumming is not bad at all, I would have hoped for an epic masterpiece of drums, to show without any possible doubt that the band was keeping a strict excellence commitment for this instrument despite firing its star drummer Joey Jordison. But we end up getting over those first impressions, and we listen to it again, and again... After 4 or 5 spins, I had understood much more things than the 1st time, and I ended up telling myself that this would surely be worth a top 10. After many more spins, I got the evidence that it had the the makings of a #1 candidate... and long before the end of the year, there wasn't any doubt left in my mind that The Negative One was the song that had the highest effect on me in 2014. Unlike last year, we have this year a very solid #1 that clearly stands out of its closest competitors.

Last year, I was concluding my paragraph on Scar the Martyr's (new band of Slipknot's drummer) Blood Host by saying : Will Slipknot manage to make even better in 2014 with its much-anticipated return on disc? The bar is high, but we'll see!
Well, incredibly, they did it! A second #1 for Slipknot in my annual charts (after Psychosocial in 2008) and a 3rd consecutive year in my top 7 for its singer Corey Taylor. The track is also nominated for "best metal performancel" at the Grammys that will take place in February. This title would be fully deserved.
2 Stardust guitareguitareguitare Gemini Syndrome
The highest entry in my chart by a new band since TTC in 2007! What a beginning! Stardust just has everything: powerful, melodious, catchy, a super nice sound... I loved it! Despite its release in December 2013 (ruled elligible for 2014 because it was released at the very end of 2013, and I discovered it in January 2014), I never got bored of it and I'm still listening to it 12 months later.

Painkiller guitareguitare Three Days Grace
Mission successful! Following the somewhat savage departure of its excellent singer Adam Gontier in January 2013 (technically in December 2012, but publicly announced in January 2013), I was skeptical for the next step in Three Days Grace's career. A so good rock singer had to be very hard to replace. Painkiller was the first test on disc for their new singer Matt Walst, formerly singer of My Darkest Days and brother of Three Days Grace's bassist... and this test is successfully passed! Of course I still prefer the voice of Gontier, but Walst does a good job in this touching song. Or at least, very touching for me as it was reaching its peak at the same moment that girlfriend was having difficult times at the hospital! The right chorus at the right moment!
I, I can be your painkiller, killer, killer
You'll love me 'til it's all over, over
'Cause I'm the shoulder you cry on
The dose that you die on
I, I can be your painkiller, killer, killer
No, Three Days Grace isn't dead! It is already amonst the greatest bands in history of Canadian rock, and who knows if this new chapter will allow it to go even further...

Note : I for long seriously considered Painkiller for my #1 of the year, but my attraction for Stardust has been more constant throughout the year (the peak of Painkiller in April-May being a little stronger, but Stardust seemed to get back over it in the months that followed).

High Road guitareguitareguitare Mastodon
A largely underrated very good track from a band I've been admiring for a while now (since the release of song Divinations in 2009), and that I now admire more than ever. Very nice riff that stands out of the ordinary, and a magical long part between 2:30 and 3:30. Only the chorus might be a little weaker, but not enough for it to really be a problem.

Dead but Rising guitareguitareguitare Volbeat
Some pure pleasure! My favorite to date from the Danish band, which means even more than Still Counting, The Hangman's Body Count and A Warrior's Call ! Unbelievable that this was only an album's 5th single! Volbeat has really become something serious!

Exercice guitare en français Les Trois Accords
In the top 3 songs that made me laugh the most from album J'aime ta Grand-mère, alongside the title track and Son Visage était Parfait. I was really happy that Exercice was picked as a radio single, with its funny and catchy chorus : "J'envie tous les enfants bedonnants qui ne font pas d'exercice, oh ho oh ho oh! Je rêve d'être une seule fois avec toi, sans avoir mal aux cuisses!" [free translation from Powhertz : I envy all the fat-belly kids who don't do exercise, oh ho oh ho oh! I dream of being you just one time, without having my thighs hurt]

Villainy Thrives guitareguitareguitare Trivium
My favorite from Trivium to date! We definitely hear the influence of Disturbed's David Draiman (who participated to the making of this album), and it's not a bad thing for me! The guitars are so boring during the choruses actually, but the vocal side is just so good and catchy that we completely this weakness! The drumming is always very catchy though, even during the choruses.
Note : very disappointing that the record company didn't even condescend to make a video for this hit, 2nd single from the album (after Strife at the end of last year)...

I'm Glad You're Dead guitareguitareguitare Bobaflex
I'm a little shy to like so much a song called "I'm Glad You're Dead", but musically, that falls right in my tastes! Like Seether, this is halfway between grunge and the kind of modern hard rock that I love. A very well-done and carefully crafted track, with a good sound. If it wasn't of the lyrics, it would certainly be 2 positions higher, and who knows, maybe even more...

Depths of Madness guitareguitareguitare Karkaos
Released at the end of 2013, but I accept it for the 2014 chart. I was unsure of the voice at first, but I got used to it, and finally I love this track from the Montréal-based metal band! Simultaneously very powerful and very melodious, with a great musicians performance! We're not/no longer talking of a garage band here, it's really a wonderful work of pros! This will however be Karkaos' last video with its singer Veronica, who was replaced by a new singer (Viky Boyer) in 2014 for unknown reasons.

Sick Like Me guitareguitareguitare In This Moment
What a solid follow-up for Maria Brink's troup! I really liked that In This Moment had become with its previous album, but I didn't really think that the 1st single of the following album would be even better than their big hit Blood! I'm not necessarly saying this a great composition, by the way I heard it played live on the radio and it was pretty bad! But the studio recording of this track is so solid, and the chorus so "enveloping" ("Even at my ugliest you always say I'm beautiful"). A very successful return! As a bonus, a very colorful video co-signed by Maria herself!

Words as Weapons guitareguitare Seether
Relatively light (at least, for Seether!), but extremely catchy, as much for the drumming than for the vocals (including the lyrics). A beautiful song!

12 Doc Holliday guitareguitareguitare Volbeat
Another very solid single from album Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, faithful to Volbeat's winning recipe: a very sustained rythm guitar, and a second guitar that's very well-used to propel the power even further in some moments or to add another track in some other moments. It's a heck of a rock track! Seriously, a SEVENTH single from the album?!? Almost anybody would have been very happy to have a track of this caliber for its album's FIRST single!

13 Walk with Knowledge Wisely guitareguitareguitare Crowbar
Solid metal performance from a band apparently active since 1988 (source: Wikipedia), that I discovered only this year with this song! It's already pretty good from the start, but it's starting from 3:25 that Kirk Windstein's band really makes me go crazy! A very toughly disputed #13, paradoxically much closer to the top 10 than the #14.

14 You Will Know my Name guitareguitareguitare Arch Enemy
I may be the only one to see a little kitsch side to it, but at the end of the day it's just good! A sublime teamwork by the 2 guitarists, a very well-structured track, just a little violins excerpt just at the right moment (all the rest of this little symphony is greatly achieved by the 3 base instruments), a very good result! I would have just liked that the singer vary a bit more her voice and also use her beautiful clean voice rather than simply screaming from the beginning 'til the end, which went close to cost it a few positions in this ranking (but let's be tolerant!). The part of the lyrics that I like the most and that she renders so well : "There's something inside me and I know it's good, I'm not evil, just misunderstood.".

By the way, let's talk a little bit about this singer! I did not know the former band of singer Alissa White-Gluz, The Agonist, nor Alissa herself. So, I went from one surprise to another: surprised that Arch Enemy's singer decides to quit, pleasantly surprised that she chose a sexy girl (often named amongst the "hottest chicks in metal" by the Revolver magazine) to replace her, than pleasantly surprised and proud to discover that this Alissa was from here, a Montrealer who achieveher dream to be at the head of one of her favorite bands! Hey, from their native Sweden, it's the little girl from Montréal that they wanted! What a spectacular success! I would have liked to also hear one more album from her with The Agonist, which she wanted to do, but her former band decided otherwise and was quick to replace her after she announced she was hired by Arch Enemy.

15 This Means War guitareguitareguitare Avenged Sevenfold
A little slow for Avenged Sevenfold, but the guitar riff is so good, and the singer M. Shadows just as great as ever, and that ends up being a great success again!

16 The Motherload guitareguitareguitare Mastodon
What a performance from the drummer! He's the main singer on this song (the band runs at 3 singers, who all went to take singing lessons before recording this new album!), and he delivers some very energetic drumming at the same time! The guitars are very good in the verses, but relatively weak during choruses; it's really the drumming and singing that lead the way! I also like very much the bassist's contribution for the voice at the end of choruses, tainted of special effects. Actually, The Motherload doesn't have much to envy to High Road (#4 in this chart) and might have had an even better result if it was released earlier in the year, and/or it has played more often on the radio.

17 Drop Dead Cynical guitareguitareguitare Amaranthe
Probably disadvantaged by its late release, and it yet manages to crack my 20 without any hesitation! I think we can still call this metal, but it's an accessible form of metal that I would not really be shy to play to my mother! Do I find this "pop" or boring for it? NOT AT ALL! It's a collection of so many things which result sounds big, very big! I also like the richness of this Swedish-Danish band to mix 3 completely different voices in a same song, including the beautiful Elize's who hereby delivers a very nice performance. We'll keep an eye on this band!

18 Take out the Gunman guitareguitareguitare Chevelle
A very weak riff and a somewhat deceiving composition for the 1st single of a Chevelle album, but Chevelle is so efficient, it makes great things with less! The use of the cow bell in the verses creates an interesting effect, the guitar solo is another good moment, the lyrics make you think, and I love the 2nd guitar that comes in from 3:43. At the end of the day, the whole sounds very good, and the "deceiving" composition is still definitely worth an annual top 20!

19 All Who Remain guitare Beware the Darkness
A rare soft song in my year-end chart!  ;)  I like it even better than Howl! It is wonderful and touching. It's giving me chills just to think about this line repeated several times during the song: "When you leave this life the world will be a darker place for all who remain.".

The Devil in I guitareguitareguitare Slipknot
Slipknot manages (not by much!) to align a 2nd song in my top 20! What a successful return for these metal veterans! This time, the percussion (the drums and particular additional percussions from members #3 and #6, characteristic of Slipknot) are really put very much ahead, erasing my little doubt related to the firing of their star drummer Joey Jordison. The song starts well with a nice intro, at a way too low volume though (it seems to be planned so that we raise the volume, then getting hit hard by the "real" start of the song!). It goes on just as well with melodious guitars and yet another good, enraged vocal performance by Corey Taylor!

21 Sans regret guitare en français
Brigitte Boisjoli
Yes, Brigitte Boisjoli the former Star Académie participant! Can you believe that! I liked this song immediately the 1st time she sang it on T.V., and continued to listen to it all year long. Many instruments contribute to this nice sound, and Brigitte delivers with her usual huge enthousiasm!

22 Courtesy Call guitareguitareguitare Thousand Foot Krutch
Nice guitar, strings just at the right moment... I just got bored of the vocal aspect and the lyrics (except definitely when it says: "When it hits it shakes me to the core and makes me stronger than before") during the year, which allowed a few songs to surpass it at the end of the year... but a #22 of a good year remains nonetheless excellent!

23 Come With me Now guitareguitare Kongos
Really great! The accordion truly gives them a unique sound, somwehat like the banjo was making Mumford & Sons sound unique when they came in with Little Lion Man in 2009. And it's nothing against Little Lion Man (which was, by the way, my #38 of 2010), but I find Come With me Now even more worked, more complete, much more interesting. I can only have praise for this song. It should have worth a top 20, but I'm human so I have my weaknesses!  ;)

24 Bloody Angel guitareguitareguitare Avatar
I keep preferring Smells Like a Freakshow, which was proposing one of the best guitar riffs of the last few years, but Bloody Angel really confirmed to me the status of the Swedish band as one of the best metal acts in the world right now. An extremely well assembled track with a long but efficient introduction, a nice development and a perfect arrangement of the beautiful and the hard.

25 Personne préférée guitare en français Les Trois Accords
Not only funny, it distinguishes pretty well from the Trois Accords' repertoire with its melody greatly based on wind instruments. Another hit for the Quebecer band!

26 Darker Side of the Moon guitareguitare Otherwise
I liked Soldiers (mmy #29 of 2012), but none of the other 2 singles off of the album, nor Full Circle that also played on Sirius XM radio without being an official single, so my mind was set that Otherwise would probably remain for a "one hit wonder" to me. Error! The new album has brought a new 1st single, and it is just as good as the 1st single (Soldiers) from the previous album! A good rock song, and I love the intensity of the "Looking for a sav, looking for a savior", with the many voice tracks and the instruments that accompany them well.

27 Something From Nothing guitareguitare Foo Fighters
The much anticipated return of Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters, after their absolutely phenomenal success of 2011. The bar was high, extremely high, too high maybe. I was expecting from them my #1 of the year, which did not materialize at all. I did like Something From Nothing pretty much, but not enough to look forward to my top 10, result of a somewhat slow start (not really any intensity before 2:45), a main riff that I find relatively ordinary and a precise aspect of the sound that I like less. But still, I will not talk badly about this song! A rare development song (not too much verse-chorus-verse) this year, a nice rise, a strong peak of intensity, interesting lyrics and a good guitarist "trip" with no less than 4 guitars (members Dave, Pat and Chris, plus guest guitarist Rock Nielsen from Cheap Trick). Something From Nothing is not a failure, the bar was just too high! A #27, but a very strong #27!

28 Hunter Eats Hunter guitareguitareguitare Chevelle
A kind of heavy ambiance that reminds me a bit of Nirvana's Incesticide, in probably even better! I particularly love the intro riff (repeated also before the 2nd verse) and the "Hunter eats hunter hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo" part that starts at 3:55

29 Out of the Black guitareguitare Royal Blood
What a nice revelation, this English duo! Thee young guys a pretty impressive, and Out of the Black, their breakthrough song, is a worthy representative of their works.

Comme un Seul Homme guitare en français Couturier
Genious! I am missing words to describe how good this song is! Very impressive for the very first single of a new artist! Left to see is whether we're assisting to the emergence of a prodigious new artist, or if he already develired it all with first track. In all honesty, I can already say that I did not like the 2nd single, Mot Croisé...

Classe Moyenne (avec Anchois) guitareen français Les Cowboys Fringants
Critic without being depressing or just improper. The opening sentence has some punch ("J'suis pas l'plus cave, j'suis pas l'plus brillant, j'ai passé mon CÉGEP su'a fesse") and they even make us laugh later with "Je chanterai mon blues, les pieds dans' boose... en regardant dans ta blouse!". The social critic goes on both sides : the State that has a hard time helping a middle class that "gets poorer", and those people not any smarter who go on to buy under credit an always bigger TV! Something to make us think on several fronts! Anyhow, it is clearly my favorite from the Cowboys in 5 years. Good job!

Same Damn Lifeguitareguitare Seether
Very pop for Seether, but at the same time catchy and grooving. It's bigger downside is its opening riff (kept throughout the verses) that resembles way to much to a song in the Sister Act movie!!

1000hp guitareguitareguitare Godsmack
Far from being my favorite from Godsmack's prolific career, it's an excellent retrospective song that feels good! The whole first verse is really a pleasure :
Time to rewind back to 1995 when we were nothing
Walking through the streets of Boston, no one listening
No one caring about the empty rooms we played
Until they all showed up one day
Then we took the stage, everything changed.

This excerpt is also inspiring :
Seeing millions of people rage when we take the stage

It crowns an extraordinary career, and nothing leads to think it's over yet!

Guilty all the Same guitareguitareguitare Linkin Park feat. Rakim
Linkin Park has finally found back its mojo!!! It's a good thing, because it's in their nu metal style that they're at their best! I really liked Breaking the Habit (2004) and even (at a lesser extent) Shadow of the Day (2008), but the fact remains that Linkin Park is first and foremost an enraged rock band that is at its best when the voice of Chester Bennington is "angry" and the guitars properly support the electronic side (not the opposite). Burn it Down (2012) had been such a deception; the band was telling us to prepare for a back to their roots, and they came up with this  terrible first single pop, boring and not a single bit original! They did not repeat the same mistake this time and really got their job done with the first single from their new album The Hunting Party, Guilty all the Same.

Hater guitare Korn
In my chart for last year, I was expressing my surprise to write in a Korn track with just a single guitar in my electric guitar scale. Well, the loud Korn of the '90s and 1st decade of the 2000s is really dead, because they did it again in 2014 with another song with a single guitar ("weak presence of electric guitar(s)") ! Hater, unlike what its title may have us think, has absolutely no teeth. However, its relevant lyrics (under the theme of bullying) and its catchy chorus are still making it one of the best songs of the year. The video is also different from what Korn got us used to, but it's very good nonetheless. It actually has some similarities with the video for Slipknot's The Devil in I .

Soul to Preach to guitareguitare Fuel
The return from singer Brett Scallions after a 4-year absence appears to be a good thing. Soul to Preach to is, in my opinion, one of the best in Fuel's career (by the way, I didn't like the mega-hit Hemorrhage (In My Hands) of 2000), with guitars that rock more then ever before, where melody and power meet.

Reincarnate guitareguitareguitare Motionless in White
Despite its low originality (still with very clear influences from Marilyn Manson, Orgy, etc.), Motionless in White successfully passes the test of the 2nd hit. It's some good industrial rock, that sounds like a wall of brick without neglecting the melody in the choruses.

Spike in my Veins guitareguitareguitare Korn
OK, the "real Korn" still exists! It was not obvious, with the 1st and 3rd singles Never Never and Hater, that Korn was still into hard rock! A successful rock track embellished with electronic effects, and not the opposite.
Note: released in Dec. 2013, but late enough to get into my year 2014.

This is the Time (Ballast) guitareguitare Nothing More
What a hit for a new band! I've always seen this track a little bit like a pop song disguised into a hard rock track, which was not preventing my from considering it for a top 20 earlier this year, but finally the too hot competition has ended up pushing it to the limit of the top 40. But let's make it clear, it's too great for a #39! This proves the abundance of very good songs this year!

Something Different guitareguitare Godsmack
Extremely catchy chorus! I don't think this is one of those that will most bring to mind when we'll think about Godsmack's prolific career, but for now it's a song that I really enjoy to honor here!

Lazaretto guitareguitare Jack White
Winner of the Grammy award for the best rock performance of the year! It is exagerated, but I don't want to discredit Jack neither! It really is very good!

The American Way guitareguitareguitare Kataklysm
Very good cover from the Sacred Reich's song (1990) by the famous Montrealers of Kataklysm. The English-language Montréal is actually particularly well represented in my chart this year, with Karkaos at #9 and Arch Enemy's new singer at #14.

Rebellion guitareguitareguitare Linkin Park feat. Daron Malakian
What a good idea to invite Daron (guitarist of cult band System of a Down)! We easily recognize Daron's guitar in this song, and the result might be the closest thing to a SOAD song since the band's separation (more than Figure it Out of Serj Tankian? What do you think?).

Cry of Achilles guitareguitareguitare Alter Bridge
I still haven't become a fan of singer Myles Kennedy, but I can't remain indifferent to these guitars! The only "sad" thing with this track: the 1st minute is my favorite, while I am someone who like to keep the best for the end!

Figure it out guitareguitare Royal Blood
Very good 2nd single. The video is a must-see, it left my voiceless!


Retour à l'Institut guitare en français Les Trois Accords
Funny and lively, as ever.

Smooth Sailing guitareguitare Queens of the Stone Age
Josh Homme's band it rarely wrong! Far from being their best, and it's still very good!

Heavy Bells guitareguitare J. Roddy Walston & The Business
A song that hit the charts about the same time as Come with me now at the beginning of the year, that clearly didn't have the same longevity, but I can still listen to it occasionnaly.

Drown guitareguitare Theory of a Deadman
I didn't like it immediately with its somewhat "electric ballad" style, but the guitar and the singing of the choruses ended up being catchy, for instance with the sound effects on the "Go"'s and the "Drown"'s in the chorus. And it's another troubling video, a little less marking than Figure it out, but not far behind!

Lightning Bolt guitareguitare Pearl Jam
Much less lively than the 1st single Mind Your Manners, but much more than the 2nd, Sirens! I like the chorus, although all of the rest is ordinary.

Stolen Dance Milky Chance
Nice song! It its original version of course (despite the canned "claps"), not in one of the doubtful remixes that were made out of it!

World on Fire guitareguitare Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators
Maybe a little cliché, but why not a little bit of dirty rock!

Dog on a Leash guitareguitare Adelitas Way
I like it! This is the track that will prove that Adelitas Way is not just a "one hit band" (with Criticize in 2012).

Deep Six guitareguitareguitare Marilyn Manson
Arrived in mid-December, it is certainly a little disadvantaged in this chart. But the true question is why not having released it as the album's 1st single?!? Isn't it obvious that Deep Six is better than Third Day of a Seven Day Binge ? No? On top of that, they produced a music video for this one and not for the first one, isn't it a proof they knew that Deep Six would be a better seller? Oh well...

Eat You Alive guitareguitare Emigrate feat. Frank Dellé
New album for the 2nd band of Richard Zven Kruspe, best known for his role of Rammstein's lead guitarist. Its first single Eat You Alive isn't very original and obviously doesn't have as much personality as some Rammstein, but the melody is catchy and Richard does a pretty good job with his voice, for someone for whom it's not supposed to be his specialty, and for whom English is not the primary language (he's German). This 1st single is very successful, and its 700,000 views on YouTube are a demonstration of people's interest for this 2nd band of Kruspe.

An Island guitareguitareguitare Chevelle
Lacks of melody, definitely among Chevelle's worst singles of the past few years, but they've become so efficient that they don't even need to have a big catchy melody no more to make a hit! It sounds very well! I particularly enjoy the part at 3:35 where they come back with "Force you to go" and bang!, they unload everything they have!

Pathfinder guitareguitareguitare Fleshgod Apocalypse
Inferior to Elegy, the song that made me discover this Italian extreme metal band and occupied my #37 last year, but that's still in the same pretty unique genre of high quality. I found it not very catchy, I was never having this song stuck in my head this year, but I was always happy to listen to it.

Bring to Life guitareguitare We as Human
Very catchy and just powerful enough. Without a doubt, disadvantaged by its release very late in the year.

Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood) guitareguitareguitare HellYeah
For those who would not know HellYeah, it is basically a metal band uniting Chad Gray (Mudvayne singer) and Vinnie Paul (drummer of legendary metal band Pantera). They came back with a new album this year, and although I found this first single somewhat "dumb", it stuck in my head and I did like it! Obviously, it is mandatory to like Gray's very characteristic voice, which must be playing on the nerves of many, but me I have absolutely no problem with that.

Cry guitareguitare The Used
I did not really like it at first. We must say that except for the short invigorating segment starting at 2:22, they seem to have kind of lost their virility! But again, a catchy melody that get stuck in our head, and I find myself at the end of the year wondering where to rank this one... and it looks like the answer would be the #60! Note : for those who would not know The Used, they are 12-13 years veterans whose best song in career remains, according to me, The Bird and the Worm, my #10 of 2007.

Breaking Skin guitareguitare Nonpoint
Bonne pièce avec un beau (et peu usuel) jeu de guitare. Et tout comme Figure it out et Drown, elle s'est dotée d'un vidéoclip choc qui ne laissera personne indifférent.

So Divine guitareguitare Tesla
Très bonne pièce! J'ai été surpris d'apprendre que ce groupe était en fait un vétéran issu du "hair metal" des années '80, Tesla étant un des très rares survivants de cette époque.

J'pas un Cowboy guitare en français Lisa LeBlanc
En grande partie pour les paroles, développement cocasse sur un sujet très original.

I am Machine guitareguitare Three Days Grace
Sans être aussi convaincant que Painkiller, ce 2e extrait prouve une fois de plus que Three Days Grace est loin d'être "fini" (après le départ du chanteur vedette Adam Gontier). Les paroles sont intéressantes, j'aime beaucoup le petit bout avant les refrains, le refrain lui-même d'ailleurs devient accrocheur après quelque temps, et j'aime beaucoup certains effets sonores créés à partir de la guitare.

Hail the Apocalypse guitareguitareguitare Avatar
Très (trop) criard et peu mélodieux, mais puissant et encore du bon métal. Aussi morbide qu'elle puisse paraître au premier abord, la phrase "All flesh is equal when burnt" dans les refrains est lourde de sens et honnêtement très intéressante.

R U Mine? guitareguitare Arctic Monkeys
Excellente pièce! Je ne sais vraiment pas pourquoi je ne l'ai pas écoutée plus souvent cette année, elle aurait mérité un meilleur sort.

Would you Still be There guitareguitare Of Mice & Men
Break Down the Walls guitareguitareguitare Asking Alexandria
Symmetry in White guitareguitareguitare Crowbar
"Spiritual holocaust" ! Très intéressante citation venant de ces gars qui se disent ouvertement croyants en Dieu, mais "ne croient pas à l'hypocrisie de la religion organisée".

Set me on Fire guitareguitare Flyleaf
Je n'avais aimé aucune chanson de Flyleaf auparavant, et c'est celle-ci qui a tout changé! La chanteuse y est très dominante, avec un air puissant et accrocheur.

Old Train guitareguitare Monster Truck
No More Regrets guitareguitareguitare Arch Enemy
J'ai nettement préféré You Will Know my Name, mais je suis forcé d'admettre que No More Regrets est très puissante et devient relativement accrocheuse à la longue! Encore une fois, j'aurais clairement préféré une voix mieux dosée avec un peu de la belle voix "propre" d'Alissa et non seulement des cris du début à la fin, mais bon, il faut passer par-dessus ça en bout de ligne et apprécier ce qu'on a!

One and All guitareguitareguitare The Smashing Pumpkins
Ni très accrocheur ni très recherché, mais c'est un beau son de Pumpkins comme on veut en entendre. Ce sont les guitares distortionnées des Pumpkins, la voix des Pumpkins, du vrai Pumpkins (même si, je le répète, c'est loin d'être leur meilleure!).

Mechanical guitareguitare Moist
Un retour de Moist!! Je n'avais pas vu venir celle-là! Ce groupe phare du rock canadien des années '90, avec ses classiques albums Silver et Creature, s'était séparé en 2001 mais voilà qu'il renaît 15 ans après la parution de son dernier album solo! Trois des cinq membres originaux (dont le chanteur David Usher et le guitariste Mark Makoway, les deux plus importants pour le son de Moist!) sont de retour, et la nouvelle chanson Mechanical cadre bien avec le son du groupe chouchou des Canadiens. C'est sûr qu'ils ont fait encore mieux dans les années '90, mais c'est quand même très respectable.

I Don't Want to be Here Anymore guitareguitareguitare Rise Against
L'énergie de Rise Against dans une pièce engagée et pertinente, non sans rappeler Ready to Fall. Il faut absolument voir le vidéoclip, qui lui me rappelle le très pertinent Another Way to Die de Disturbed.

Happy Idiot guitare TV on the Radio
Autre pièce sortie trop tard dans l'année, qui aurait pu mériter un meilleur sort. Très bon, très accrocheur, et phénomène à peu près unique dans le rock : c'est un groupe majoritairement composé de Noirs! Ça apporte une saveur différente à ce qu'on est habitués d'entendre, c'est rafraîchissant! Longue vie à ce groupe de Brooklyn!

Zombies in the Sun guitareguitareguitare Letters from the Fire
One too Many guitareguitare New Medicine
Un peu adolescent, mais accrocheur, et honnêtement j'ai aimé ça!

Zombie guitareguitareguitare We as Human feat. John Cooper
Je ne comprends pas n'avoir jamais entendu ça à la radio! C'est Wikipedia qui m'avait appris que c'était sorti comme extrait de l'album!... En tout cas, c'est une assez bonne pièce (définitivement moins que Bring to Life), et j'apprécie la contribution de John Cooper (chanteur de Skillet), l'homme à qui on doit la découverte de We as Human.

You Can't Stop me guitareguitareguitare Suicide Silence
Particulièrement violent et criard, pas très mélodieux, mais je pense vraiment que c'est très bon dans son genre. Le nouveau chanteur relève admirablement bien le défi de remplacer Mitch Lucker (décédé dans un accident de moto en 2012), les musiciens font bien leur travail, même les paroles ont leurs bons passages, mon préféré étant : "Speak up, sing this with me : WE'RE ALL F*CKING FREE!".

Bent to Fly guitareguitare Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

Kathleen guitareguitare Catfish and the Bottlemen
Hyper simple, mais j'y trouve une belle attitude, à la The Strokes ou The Rolling Stones. C'est entraînant. Sûrement un peu désavantagée par sa sortie tardive dans l'année.

Do You guitare Spoon

Beautiful guitareguitare Pop Evil
Je n'aime pas le refrain (que je trouve "quétaine"), mais j'aime l'intro, les couplets et la finale. Très loin de Trenches et Deal With the Devil, mais c'est un retour très acceptable après Torn to Pieces que je n'ai vraiment pas aimée du tout.

Follow me Down guitareguitare The Pretty Reckless
Clairement celle que j'ai préféré parmi les 3 extraits radio sortis par ce nouveau groupe en 2014. D'ailleurs, ne vous surprenez pas de ne pas voir Heaven Knows, un des grands succès rock de l'année, dans mon décompte personnel! Je ne l'ai pas aimée du tout! Follow me Down par contre a beaucoup de chien. Encore une autre qui est peut-être désavantagée par sa sortie tardive dans l'année.

The Way Around is Through guitareguitare Live
Vous avez bien lu, Live! On n'en entendait tellement plus parler, je pensais comme vous que le groupe n'existait plus! Eh bien, Wikipedia a réponse à (presque) tout! ;)  En fait, ils avaient sorti un album en 2006, mais cet album avait été largement ignoré, donc ça faisait 11 ans depuis leur dernier album minimalement populaire et 17 ans depuis leur dernier BON album, Secret Samadhi (qui contenait les succès Lakini's Juice, Freaks et Turn my Head). Normal qu'on ne pensait plus à eux! Mais ce n'est pas tout : leur chanteur vedette, Ed Kowalczyk, avait discrètement quitté le groupe en 2009, pendant ce qui devait être une pause de 2 ans pour le groupe. Il a été remplacé en 2012 par un nouveau chanteur, Chris Shinn, et The Way Around is Through est la 1ere chanson issue de cette nouvelle union. Rien d'exceptionnel, mais ce n'est définitivement pas mauvais! La voix de Shinn surprend tellement elle est comparable à celle de Kowalczyk, pourtant un très bon chanteur qui aurait dû être plus difficile que ça à remplacer! C'est juste vraiment dommage pour eux que la chanson aie aussi peu attiré l'attention du public, avec à peine plus de 50 000 vues sur YouTube et rien de mieux qu'un #30 au palmarès "Mainstream rock" (pas Rock au complet, là!) du Billboard américain. Les gens boudent-ils le départ d'Ed?

Embarques-tu? guitare en français Daniel Boucher
Une chanson qui est partie d'un "sampling" d'une chanson du vieux groupe québécois Les Karrik, Je n'ai pas de rose pour ta fête, dont Dan s'est inspiré pour développer le reste.

Third Day of a Seven Day Binge guitareguitare Marilyn Manson
Manque beaucoup de "punch" pour un 1er extrait du "shock rocker" Manson! J'étais très déçu sur le coup, mais en fin de compte ce n'est pas si mauvais et je suis convaincu que ça mérite au moins une petite place dans ce décompte.

Back to the Shack guitareguitare Weezer
Définitivement pas entraînant, pas particulièrement accrocheur et définitivement trop facile, mais bon, ça reste du Weezer!...

Five of Everything guitareguitare 311
JAMAIS entendue à la radio cette année, je l'ai découverte pendant ma rédaction de ce décompte! Ça la désavantage énormément ici, probablement que les grands vétérans de 311 auraient mérité un meilleur sort!

Tragedy + Time guitareguitare Rise Against
Un petit son pop alternatif adolescent qui m'agace un peu, mais ça reste entraînant malgré tout.

Wait for Me guitare Kings of Leon

Messed up World guitareguitare The Pretty Reckless

Loin guitareen français Vincent Vallières

Carnivore guitareguitare Starset
Je ne suis vraiment, vraiment plus capable d'entendre leur 1er extrait My Demons, mais le 2e, Carnivore, est honnêtement bien correct! Parfait pour compléter mon top 95!


Not considered :

The regrets' corner

Like every year, there are a few songs that Powhertz discovered and loved during the year, but are not elligible for the current chart because they were released before 2014. Those in bold in the below list are big ones that would have ranked high this year if they were elligible:
Omniprésent [Damien Robitaille] 2013
Bitch Came Back [Theory of a Deadman] 2011
Before I Forget [Slipknot] 2005 (I heard this song before 2014, maybe twice, but never realized how awesome it was!)
Jumpdafuckup [Soulfly feat. Corey Taylor] 2000
Fucking an Animal [GWAR] 1999
Snap your Fingers Snap your Neck [Prong] 1994 !
Sick of you [GWAR] 1990 !

Top Sucks !

And in respect of the tradition, we end up with a top of the worst songs of the year! And the competition is so strong this year!! I took note of 6 of a very similar level, very hard to rank between them! Some tough choices, but here we go!

1. [Nicki Minaj] Anaconda

Ils ont fait un vidéoclip et oublié d'écrire une chanson pour aller avec! Alors Nicki Minaj, toujours aussi brillante, s'est débrouillée comme elle pouvait en parlant le plus vulgairement possible de ses grosses fesses et de son mépris pour les "skinny bitches", toujours avec sa voix de canard désagréable! Non mais sérieusement, Anaconda est d'une médiocrité abrutissante! C'est celle que je choisis comme la pire des pires en 2014.

2. [Jennifer Lopez feat. Iggy Azalea] Booty

Pourquoi ne pas rester dans le domaine des fesses! Incroyable mais vrai, 2 gros hits portant vulgairement sur les fesses cette année, et honnêtement l'un est aussi médiocre que l'autre!  Heureusement que le vidéoclip a un certain intérêt!!

3. [PSY feat. Snoop Dogg] Hangover

PSY savait qu'il aurait été préférable qu'il se retire après Gangnam Style, mais il voulait essayer de continuer et il a minimisé les risques en s'associant à un chanteur "crédible"... et le résultat est épouvantable!

4. [Mika] Boum Boum Boum

Décidément, le sexe est omniprésent dans la pop cette année, et ce même dans la pop soit-disant "adulte"! Le thème me rappelle beaucoup Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! des Vengaboys, rien d'original en passant!

5. [G.I. Joe] Sexy Body


[G.I. Joe feat. Diamondz] Tellement Famous 3

Oh oui, la risée du Québec poursuit sur sa lancée, et il y implique sa nouvelle conjointe, Diamondz! Incroyable mais vrai, il est rendu à plus de 300 vidéos sur YouTube en 3 ans, productif comme Normand L'Amour! Ces 2 vidéos sont à voir, peu importe la raison!

Mention spéciale également pour Torn to Pieces du groupe américain Pop Evil. J'aime bien ce groupe pourtant, mais j'ai été incapable de supporter Torn to Pieces! Pas seulement parce que c'est une ballade ultra quétaine, mais aussi à cause des grincements qui me faisaient toujours demander s'il y avait un problème mécanique dans ma voiture!!! Je changeais de poste de radio à chaque fois, je n'aimais vraiment pas ça!!

May 2015 be a great year everybody!


Rankings finished on 2015/01/22, article completed on 2015/03/06

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