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        Here we go again, Powhertz' author and administrator delivers his traditional list of the songs he liked the most during the past year. Like every year, let's remind you that it is in no way a popularity ranking, songs that I believe to be the best technically and not even necessarly the songs that I prefer while writing these  lines, but the songs that marked me most throughout the year.

Liebe ist für alle daAnd it is more important than ever to repeat that only the songs picked by the bands or their record companies as official radio singles in 2010 are eligible to this chart. Without these traditional rules, my #1 of the year would have been more easily set: it would have been won by Bückstabü from German band Rammstein. Without the shadow of a doubt, the song that thrilled me most during the year 2010. Heaviest track of the Liebe ist für alle da album (released in late 2009), it conquered me with its introduction with new sounds, the exciting rise towards the chorus (Tu' das nich! Lass das sein! Fass' das nicht an! Sag' einfach nein! Bückstabüüüüü!!), the use of different voices, but most importantly its general power and its very nice use of a symphony orchestra. Yes, there is much more to this album than the average quality of the selected radio singles (Pussy, Ich Tu Dir Weh and Haifisch). In my opinion, Bückstabü, Rammlied, Waidmanns Heil and Roter Sand are largely superior to any of the three radio singles, but the singles have rather been selected with the goal of making the most people talk about the band (the first 2 being voluntarily over-controversial and the 3rd being the little universal pop song to be able to play anywhere). A pretty good album overall, even if it is not among the best in the band's long career. By far the album that I most listed to in 2010.

And now, the top! It very hardly reaches the 40-song mark this year, a year of musical misery in general. Variation of the guitar legend introduced last year: the new symbol becomes a small yellow thunder:
thunder  weak presence of electric guitar
thunderthunder somewhat heavy, but should be OK for a large majority of listeners
thunderthunderthunder a true heavyweight, sensible ears keep away!

New! You can now listen to the Powhertz top almost completely, for free, as a playlist on the Grooveshark Web site! You will find the link below, but please note that it is still strongly advised to read the article and watch the videos before using the Grooveshark playlist. By the way, note that End of Me from Apocalyptica and The Sound from Switchfoot are missing from the playlist for the simple reasons that End of Me has been pulled from Grooveshark and that Switchfoot is one of the relatively rare bands that are totally absent from Grooveshark, as are Smashing Pumpkins or Korn. As a sort of compensation, I added Sick of You from Cake at the end as a bonus, but understand that this song is not officially part of the chart and would not rank any better than a #41.
Bonus: another Grooveshark playlist with Powhertz' favorites of 2009, as published last year:


The Good Life thunderthunderthunder

Three Days Grace

Extremely strong for an album's second! Released at the very beginning of the year, I never got bored of it.


End of methunderthunder

Apocalyptica (feat. Gavin Rossdale)

Very catchy! Gavin (from famous band Bush)'s voice is sharp and the sound texture from the three cellos is sublime, even more particularly in the low sounds of the beginning of the verses, a sound that ordinary bass guitars cannot reproduce. A true competitor for the #1!


Another Way to Diethunderthunderthunder


The music is good despite its total lack of originality (it is so identical to what we already knew from Disturbed!), but it is obvious that the main strength of Another Way to Die is into its lyrics that shouts a striking alarm call for saving our planet. It is an essential message, I think that these lyrics should be studied in schools and that careless polluters should be forced to watch both videos attached to a chair, the eyes stuck with tape to keep them open!! The lyrics are excellent from the beginning until the end, but I could not reproduce them as a whole here, not by lack of space but rather by concerns about copyrights. I will nonetheless allow myself to cite my favorite excerpts:
1. Our endless maniacal appetite left us with another way to die
2. Consequences we cannot deny, will be revealed in time
3. Species fall before our very eyes
A world that they cannot survive in left them with another way to die

There are 2 official videos from the band for this song: one more directly inspired from the Gulf of Mexico ecological catastrophe, with the lyrics in subtitles, and one more general without subtitles. I strongly recommend to watch them both, starting with the one with subtitles.

Video version 2 with the subtitles:

Video version 1 without the subtitles:



Avenged Sevenfold

I was not liking it at the start, but I ended up understanding that it was only because of a few details, in particular the big "Nightmare!!!" scream at the beginning that wastes it all right from the start tout dès le départ! But except for those details, it is some real good Avenged Sevenfold, and even one of their best. Extremely powerful, with a good use of piano, a good finale and an especially wonderful intro.


Cryin' Like a Bitch!!thunderthunderthunder


Perfectly matches Godsmack! Not really anything new, but another extremely powerful track that perfectly hits its target with its only 3 instruments. The video is also a MUST for mixed martial arts (MMA) fans!


La Bananethunder


Extremely catchy, although we quickly reach the point where we listened to it enough. Very funny!


Elle S'appelait Sergethunder

Les Trois Accords

I was talking a bit about it in my favorites of 2009 when I was talking about the excellent album Dans mon Corps. Certainly my 2nd best of the album, it was finally  choosen as an officiel radio single in 2010. Very funny, excellent music, just a little too repetitive with the "du lundi au lundi, et de midi à midi". I would have preferred that they surprise me with something else after the first 2 verses, but it is nonetheless BY FAR one of my favorite two French-language songs of the year.

See the video below, even though I find it very disappointing (just some major and not-original-at-all recycling of the concept of the video for Dans mon Corps).


Ich tu dir Wehthunderthunderthunder


Honestly, somewhat disappointing for Rammstein, but it remains some real Rammstein nonetheless and there is no doubt that I like that! Particularly efficient when supported by the visual effects, either in the video or even better in show.

Note however that the lyrics are shocking and very controversial, which caused them a load of problems in Germany.


Between the Linesthunderthunder

Stone Temple Pilots

The lyrics are somewhat irritating me a little bit (You always were my favorite drug, even when we used to take drugs). We all know singer Scott Weiland's problems with drugs and I would like that he gets over it and stop referring to it at all. But except for this minor nuisance, it is a great comeback for STP! Musically, it is nothing really complicated, but it sounds extremely well! Highly rousing, especially during choruses.




Less dense than the average Godsmack, but it surely gets out of the head more hardly than it gets in... Very catchy guitar and touching piano finale!

The track unfortunately does not seem to have an official video, so here's one, amateur, that only displays the lyrics and some pictures of the band:

To those interested to go further, I also found on YouTube a very good amateur cover by a charming lady, whose voice resembles Evanescence's famous singler Amy Lee's:


By The Swordthunderthunder

Slash (feat. Andrew Stockdale)

Sad that this comeback from legendary guitarist Slash into a solo project has went that much unnoticed. Although the album's other singles are not of the same level at all, this one with the singer of Wolfmother (no, it is not Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin!) was really fine. I hope to make many of you discover it!

The official video is available on YouTube, but the author has blocked integration in third party Web pages. Here's the link anyway:


New Fangthunderthunder

Them Crooked Vultures

I thought it was a new one from Queens of the Stone Age, but no, it comes from a new band... with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age! Not too surprising up to this point. My real surprise was rather to find out, only in February (while the track was actually released in late November 2009 and I must have discovered it around the first days of 2010), who are the other two members of this super trio: Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)!! It's like it was from there that I started to take this track always more seriously, until it finally very clearly becomes one of my favorites of the year! Be very careful to details when listening to this song, because it is rich and uneasy to fully catch rapidly.

Recommended to fans of very varied types of rock, I think that lots of them will find something interesting in New Fang.

Here's the video (which is more an ad than a true video):


In One Earthunderthunder

Cage the Elephant

Far from being as satisfying as their two big hits of 2009, In One Ear will still have the interest of having a good chorus with a good flow in which words all fall right in place, as well as interesting little guitar riffs after those choruses. The lyrics were somewhat irritating me at first (yet another song in which artists talk about their own career! Souvenirs of Re-Arranged from Limp Bizkit and a huge collection of rap songs!...), but I got accustomed to them and they are no longer bugging me much.

As for By the Sword, the official video is available on YouTube but cannot be integrated directly into a third-party Web page. Here's the link to go watch it by yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9LRo0D_uWM


The Inevitable Relapsethunderthunderthunder


Be honest, how many of you knew that Filter had made a comeback in 2010?!? Personnally, I have not heard The Inevitable Relapse a single time on the radio or T.V., it's the Internet that had to do the job, a couple of months late... A good rock track, rather simple musically, but efficient. Richard Patrick's voice is still a sensation and the little special effects are giving the finishing touch.


Garde tes Larmesthunderthunder


What else to say than the Quebecker rocker continues to earn points! Would that be my best from Marie-Mai? Probably... but with strong competition from Rien and Qui Prendra ma Place. A song with character, which sound effects à la Nine Inch Nails really surprised me.

No video; for YouTube, you must go for one of the live performances that offer a lot less than the studio version, or the following video that plays the song with a good sound quality with the album cover for background.

Rise Upthunderthunder Cypress Hill (feat. Tom Morello)
The voice of B-Real (Cypress Hill) with the legendary guitar of Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave)... pretty good idea! The result, without making history, is pretty good.

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) Shakira
My little weakness into commercial pop this year, although absolutely nothing that compares to those of good years like 2007 during which I had 3 extremely strong (Sexyback, Hips Don't Lie, Temperature). Tsamina mina eh eh, Waka Waka eh eh!!

Your Betrayalthunderthunderthunder Bullet for my Valentine
My favorite to date from this band, even if I remain totally convinced that they still have a lot of maturity to acquire on the musical level and most importantly on voices, to pretend compare to their most direct competitor, Avenged Sevenfold.

Welcome to the Familythunderthunderthunder Avenged Sevenfold
Inferior to the average of the radio singles from this wonderful band, and still qualified for a top 20! That tells a lot about this band!

Mountain Manthunder Crash Kings
In a year where very few new artists went big, Crash Kings did it with this very cool track. 2nd best song by a new band in the current chart, behind only New Fang from Them Crooked Vultures. Shows some character without being heavy at all.

Lesson Learnedthunderthunder Alice in Chains

Left of Centerthunderthunder Serj Tankian
Nothing to let us forget about System of a Down, but it's still some good material, relatively original. Nonetheless, my favorite post-SOAD remains BY FAR Sky is Over!


Not Strong Enoughthunderthunder Apocalyptica (feat. Brent Smith)
I don't understand why I did not hear it a single time on the radio. It's a search on the Web that allowed me to find out that they did release a 2nd single off their their new album! Incomprehensible; it is obviously not the best in their career, but it's up to their level.

Here's the video for the version sung by Brent Smith from Shinedown (my favorite):

And here's the other version, sung by Doug Robb from Hoobastank:

Break Your Heart Taio Cruz (feat. Ludacris)
What should I do with a song that I find very stupid and very catchy all at once?!? It is mind buggling, but I decided to grant it its share of success!


Haifischthunder Rammstein
Definitely my two worst from the Liebe Ist Für Alle Da album, a single selected only for the universal sound able to play on any radio... but I did listen to it pretty often, being part of an album that I listened to often! I cannot ignore this fact when I compare it to songs behind it that might make me slightly more effect, but that I listened to less often nonetheless. The other factor that makes me rank Haifish at #25 rather than a #29: the very nice, all-so-soft finale.

Excellent and funny video, with references to make of their old videos as well as the Seven movie.

The Animalthunderthunderthunder Disturbed
Sounds more or less like a radio single, but it would still be an excellent supporting song for the album. I really like the little 8-note guitar riff played a few times during choruses.


Lay me Down The Dirty Heads (feat. Rome)
Participation from a member of Sublime, and the result curiously sounds a lot like Sublime! Light, very "summer", pleasant.


The Soundthunderthunderthunder Switchfoot


World so Coldthunderthunder Three Days Grace
Cliché, relatively uninteresting for some Three Days Grace that got us used to all of their radio single being very strong, but I hooked up to some small lyric excerpts, mainly this one:
I'm too young to lose my sould
I'm too young to feel this old


Beautiful Dangerousthunderthunder Slash (feat. Fergie)
Yes, you've read right, the Black Eyes Peas' famous Fergie that sings for Slash! The result is not bad, although I preferred by far By the Sword, my personal taste...


Post Acidthunderthunder Wavves
Lesser-known post-grunge song, that I discovered only because of an article from the Rolling Stone magazine that ranked it 33rd best song of 2010 in early December. Finally, it ends up ranking even better on my own chart! The voices definitely aren't great, but the song is good for sure.


Gods and Punksthunderthunder Monster Magnet
It was a very long time I heard of Monster Magnet! They made a comeback that is not spectacular, but certainly within their standards.


Gatewaysthunderthunderthunder Dimmu Borgir
Excellent symphonic music that is nothing shy of Nightwish's, but voices that are just so bad sometimes! In the meantime that they reach an appropriate balance, the Norwegian band only gets a #33.


Loca Shakira
Muy caliente!  :)  A song not to take too seriously, it's light but I like the not too americanized latino ambiance. WARNING: I'm talking about the original version that you can hear at the below link, and not the dance remix that was playing on some bad pop radios!


Word Forwardthunderthunder Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl and its gang are playing below their standards, but it is still sufficient to make their way to my annual chart!

There is no video for this song, so let's go for a live version:

Stereo Love Edward Maya
I like the base riff, but I feel like that exploited it so bad... The song as a whole is a little bit boring, or at least uselessly too long. Anyway, there is definitely a part of this song to which I did hook up, although it can be well summarized in just 10 seconds...


Alejandro Lady Gaga
Pretty dumb, I did not even like it at first, but I must admit that it ends up getting into the head pretty well! And the sound is particularly good, very good mastering job I guess! OK OK Gaga, I give you a chance!


Little Lion Man Mumford & Sons
Special music for sure! I did not really catch me, but I like it.


Back From Calithunderthunder Slash (feat. Myles Kennedy)
Very "old school" rock that is reaching me less than Slash's other singles this year, but the guitar riffs are not bad. Note: Myles Kennedy is the singer of a band named Alter Bridge, a lesser-known band that he was sharing with the musicians of Creed, during the few years (2004-2009) where Creed had broken up.


Scream with methunder Mudvayne
Slight cheat: this was released in December 2009 and not 2010, but this is still acceptable.


Note: the next one would have been Sick of You from Cake, a comeback that disappointed me but still good enough so that I don't switch channels when that plays on the radio!

My regrets for 2009:


And it's the return of the Top Sucks, the shitty songs that deserve to be named for the wrong reasons! It will a very small Top Sucks though, but this had to come out!  ;)

1. [Taio Cruz] Dynamite  - PAINFULLY IRRITATING!!!
2. [Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg] California Gurls - Can't stand the irritating voices!
3. [Rihanna] What's my Name - is there really anybody liking this?! Oh na na, what's my name, Oh na na, what's my name?
4. [K-Maro] Music - the legendary "Frenglish" of K-Maro still inspired me as few positive words!

Chart completed on 2011/01/06
Article completed and published on 2011/03/25